Grace Church Suspended for COVID-19: A Letter from Fr. Chris

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Dear Grace Church & Academy,
These are unprecedented times in the life of the Church, and the health and well-being of people is of paramount concern. It is our responsibility to safeguard our parish life, as well as the larger community, to assist with the slowing down of the spread of COVID-19. After careful consideration, the wardens and clergy, in agreement with the Bishop, are suspending all activities, including Sunday worship and school, at Grace Church until further notice.
Our Academy typically follows District 181 for closures, but reserves the right to act independently. We understand that suspending Academy classes has an impact on busy households, but our primary concern is the safety and well-being of our staff, teachers, and children.
We are aware that this communication will not reach everyone before Sunday, so we will hold our regular worship times this Sunday, maintaining our new directions for worship, and communicate our plan to suspend activities at that time. The Café will serve individually wrapped breakfast sandwiches. The Wardens have called an emergency Vestry assembly on Sunday to discuss the plan and impact of suspending gatherings in our parish life. You will be receiving communication from the Wardens and Vestry next week.
During this time, I invite you to deepen your Lenten journey with considerations of a solitude that only arrives when you pause from community life. Solitude, silence, and spaciousness are victims of our busy and over-programed lives, and now there is a widespread offering for inviting these universal gifts into the threshold your heart. You will be surprised at the peace, joy, and love that will surround you when these friends come into your life and linger. We will be using this time to consider creative ways to assist you on this journey, and as always, we invite to to look at the resources published on our Grace website.
The clergy are always available for emergencies, as we understand that the complexities of life do not consider pausing. We remain hopeful that a call to resume our community life will reach us in the not too distant future, and that the Resurrection will fill us with an abundance of reunion.
Fr. Chris